Pool Rules

Daily Pool Hours: Monday thru Sunday*
No Lifeguards on Duty5:30am - 11:00am
Lifeguards On Duty 11:00am - 8:00pm

*Hours may be subject to change without notice

Pool Check-In Policy
All members must check-in with a staff member on the Pool deck. All guests and members should be accounted for when checking in with the attendant. We ask that you do not enter the pool through the side gates.

Pool Guest Policy

Members must check-in with a staff member on the Pool deck when bringing a guest to the pool. The guest rate is $5.00 per day. Guest charges will be placed on the member's charging account and reflected on the preceding months’ bill. Pre-paid guest passes are available in packages of 10 for $40.00.

Food & Beverage
Members and their guests may not bring outside food or beverages to the Pool. Members and Guests have access to the 'Snack Shop' with a long menu of chips, candy bars, soda pop, beer, wine and ice cream available. Lunch and Dinner menu's, from the clubhouse, are available and orders can be made with a staff member at the Snack Shop or by calling the main clubhouse. 

Men's and Women's Locker Rooms 
Complimentary lockers are available in the Pool/Fitness locker rooms. Members and their guests may ask a staff member for a key or, if a staff member is not available, they may retrieve a key from the lock box located behind the fitness center desk. Lockers are only available for a single day use. 

Babysitter or Nanny Pass
Members who employ a nanny, babysitter or whose grandparents care for their children during the day, can complete a 'nanny registration form’ with the fitness desk. This pass allows your childcare provider unlimited access to the club, with your children, on an unaccompanied basis. The cost for a seasonal pass is $75.